Flower Press - Echidna

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This Echidna Flower Press preserves beautiful leaves and flowers.

Put your flowers and leaves between the press, leave for a few weeks, then use them for decorations or stick onto greeting cards for unique, one of a kind designs.

A flower press is a classic craft activity that has been enjoyed for generations.

Each pressed flower kit comes with easy to use wooden screws. Easy to grip, these screws can be used by most ages and are easy to tighten. This kit also comes with 6 cardboard leaves used to separate each flower, for perfect pressing each time. This flower press will be enjoyed time and time again. Made from natural timber and cardboard, this flower press is also painted in child safe, non toxic paint.

Material - wood, cardboard

Size - 16cm x 16cm x 6cm

Colour - multi as pictured

Age - 3 plus