Roy the Rooster - Nana Huchy

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Roy is a an old hand who knows the Nana Huchy farm upside down & inside out. He is a wise old geezer who all the farm friends turn to when they need advice or a problem solved. Roy does his best to make time for everyone, but his number one priority is looking out for  his slightly arrogant nephew Rupert the Rooster (who is always getting into trouble with the ladies & hens) and, of course, raising his firecracker young grandson, Bubba the Rooster, who admires his older cousinRupert & wants to grow up to be just like him (much to old Roy's exasperation)

Material - cotton/poyester bend

Size - height (sitting, not including legs) 32cm, length 26cm approx

Colour - cream, beige, rust

Brand - Nana Huchy