Wooden Mushroom Knitting Nancy Kit - Red

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Wooden mushroom knitting nancy craft kit is a great way to introduce children to the art of crochet rope-making. The kit includes everything needed to get started: a crochet nancy, a pick, and five lengths of yarn, each approximately 275cm in length . Children can learn how to thread and weave their own rope using the nancy and yarn provided, allowing them to create unique and beautiful creations. Easy to use, with clear instructions and a simple design that allows children to focus on the task at hand. As they practice their crochet rope-making, they will develop hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and patience, all while having fun and expressing their creativity. A wonderful gift for any child who loves to learn and create . With its high-quality materials and simple yet effective design, it is sure to provide hours of enjoyment and inspiration.

Material - wood, wire, cotton

Size - height 9cm

Colour - red

Age - 6 plus